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About Stratici

We are a group of analytic creatives offering solutions that leverage ideas, concepts and insights to accomplish marketing goals. Our services help clients reach a larger audience, make lasting first impressions and increase affinity among target audiences.

Our team begins each project by reviewing your identified goals. In cases where clients do not have clearly identified goals we offer strategy development solutions to ensure that project specifications are fit to client needs. Estimates are prepared specifically to meet the requirements of each project. Our method guarantees that we give you our best recommendation, estimate of costs and timelines. Each inquiry and subsequent project is assigned a project director through whom all communications flow.

5FAVORED TM Our Philosophy

What’s our philosophy?…Getting prospects to not only notice you, but to become customers and advocates of your brand is an enormous task. We approach this challenge in a holistic manner – evaluating potential solutions for our clients’ projects the same way consumers intuitively use their senses to make decisions. Simply put, we employ a multi-faceted approach reflecting considerations for strategic, engineering, design, marketing and consumer sensibilities in every project.

Infinite possibilities on finite budgets. For more about Stratici visit our services page or contact us.